Alexandre Silberstein [film and art director]
Zara Man SS23
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Art and film direction for the Zara Man Edition SS23 Campaign.

Coperni FW23
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Art and film direction for the FW23 Coperni campaign with an original idea by Alexandre Silberstein and Florent Canale.

« The Wolf, The Lamb and The Stream » is a generative film piece based on the Coperni fashion show and its FW23 collection, inspired by the fable “The Wolf and the Lamb” by Jean de La Fontaine. With the participation of Lila Grace Moss, this polymorphic video questions the relationship between humans and machines.

This piece will run continuously for six months in real-time. It will play ever-changing 40-second stories based on multiple choices of sets, scenarios and looks from Coperni’s collection, shaping a new form each time.
No less than 320,000 versions will be generated LIVE on a dedicated website and Coperni’s Youtube channel.

Alexandre Silberstein co-produced this project in collaboration with Everest Lab and Coperni.

Lanvin ss23
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Director's cut.