Alexandre Silberstein [film and art director]
A Magazine Curated By Luke and Lucie Meier
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Art direction and directed by Alexandre Silberstein.

“The starting point of this project was the desire to create a digital extension to the physical edition of A Magazine Curated by Lucie and Luke Meier. Invited for the second time by the magazine's team, the digital object had to take the graphic codes of this new issue and allow the viewers to access a new content that would enhance his experience. Delivering the ins and outs of reflection and design but also developing certain topics by speaking through Lucie & Luke Meier but also Kelsey Lu, Mos Def, Mike Meiré, John Pawson, Heiko Keinath to name a few. » 

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Art direction by Alexandre Silberstein.

"Coperni Arcade is a series of interactive games playable from your smartphone via the instagram application based solely on the stories function. The wish was to divert our way of using Instagram: make it a fun as a recreational experience. How the gestures we make, from scrolling, taping or just freezeing these contents can lead us to play and discover at the same time. A dozen games were devised, from dressing a walking model to trying to catch the brand's logo. Follow @Coperni on Instagram from your mobile phone. Access the stories and choose "Arcade" to play. Enjoy!"

Hermès summer 23
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Alexandre Silberstein did the film direction and art direction for the Hermès Men Summer 23 show.

Film art direction in collaboration with Mathieu Meyer.