Alexandre Silberstein [film and art director]
A Magazine Curated By Francesco Risso
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Invited for the 5th time by "A Magazine Curated by" to create a series of short films around the vision  of Francesco Risso, Marni's artistic director and the guest curator for this new issue. Alexandre imagined different ways to amplify the content of the magazine and play with it. Recreating Marni's floor and walls office. Playing with  flying pages mis en scène like an ending film. Or  XXL printed paintings adjusted in a space to create a small theatre. 

With love for cinema, creativity and craftsmanship.

« A Magazine Curated By Francesco Risso is an analogue exploration of the print object through a myriad of visual and philosophical stimuli that question contemporary notions of living. The issue documents Francesco Risso’s boundless imagination, with a playful yet profound view of materiality, nature and the human spirit.»

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Art direction by Alexandre Silberstein.

"Coperni Arcade is a series of interactive games playable from your smartphone via the instagram application based solely on the stories function. The wish was to divert our way of using Instagram: make it a fun as a recreational experience. How the gestures we make, from scrolling, taping or just freezeing these contents can lead us to play and discover at the same time. A dozen games were devised, from dressing a walking model to trying to catch the brand's logo. Follow @Coperni on Instagram from your mobile phone. Access the stories and choose "Arcade" to play. Enjoy!"

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Similar to a naturalist short novel, R   U   B   Y highlights the openness to others, through the eyes of two young adults: Ruby and Paul. The film tries to sweep away the shyness, fear, mistrust, and lack of time we share in a more global way. The film opens on the sentence « I see you » from Avatar, and another way to talk about love. Doesn’t the beauty of love lie in our ability to see others and love them for what they are? As a soul mate or simply as another human being. Shot with 8 non-professional actors who embrace 8 roles, the character of Ruby maintains a distance from the rest of the world by keeping her sunglasses on. This distinctive sign, which leaves her on the margins of others, is a way to protect herself from looks and social networks. Don’t we say that «  eyes are the mirror of the soul »? Credits: Directed and written by Alexandre Silberstein; Produced by Rébecca Miquel & 1718; Dialogues written by Charlotte Raymond & Alexandre Silberstein; Cinematography by Antoine Cormier; Production Coordinator: Manon Désert; 1st Assistant Director: Joris Henne; Composer: Edgar Delambre; Sound Recordist: Lucas Lemoine; Stylist: Félix Boehm; Stylist Assistant: Nike Carlotta Roth; Hair Artist: Shaila Moran; Make Up Artist: Marie Dufresne; Make Up Assistant: Sousan Hind; Casting Director: Chiara Angelinetta with Emile de Geyndt as PAUL /  Marine Lemonnier as RUBY / Alexandra Picquenot as MIA / Georgia Polkinghorne as LEILA / Ylang Messenguiral as SUZY / Vitaly Mysyk as ÉRIC / Daniel Pelofe as LOU /  Iannis Ctelin as YOYO; 1st Assistant Cameraman: Lola Rougier; Steadycam Operator: Valentin Clarke; Gaffer: Hugo Brossard; Grip: Guillaume Sironi; Unit Manager: Pierre Boussiquer & Oscar Fontaine; Post Production: Everest Studio; Post Producter: Sylvain Obriot; Colorist: Robin Risser.