Alexandre Silberstein [film and art director]
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Art direction by Alexandre Silberstein.

"Coperni Arcade is a series of interactive games playable from your smartphone via the instagram application based solely on the stories function. The wish was to divert our way of using Instagram: make it a fun as a recreational experience. How the gestures we make, from scrolling, taping or just freezeing these contents can lead us to play and discover at the same time. A dozen games were devised, from dressing a walking model to trying to catch the brand's logo. Follow @Coperni on Instagram from your mobile phone. Access the stories and choose "Arcade" to play. Enjoy!"

short film
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Similar to a naturalist short novel, R   U   B   Y highlights the openness to others, through the eyes of two young adults: Ruby and Paul. The film tries to sweep away the shyness, fear, mistrust, and lack of time we share in a more global way. The film opens on the sentence « I see you » from Avatar, and another way to talk about love. Doesn’t the beauty of love lie in our ability to see others and love them for what they are? As a soul mate or simply as another human being. Shot with 8 non-professional actors who embrace 8 roles, the character of Ruby maintains a distance from the rest of the world by keeping her sunglasses on. This distinctive sign, which leaves her on the margins of others, is a way to protect herself from looks and social networks. Don’t we say that «  eyes are the mirror of the soul »? Credits: Directed and written by Alexandre Silberstein; Produced by Rébecca Miquel & 1718; Dialogues written by Charlotte Raymond & Alexandre Silberstein; Cinematography by Antoine Cormier; Production Coordinator: Manon Désert; 1st Assistant Director: Joris Henne; Composer: Edgar Delambre; Sound Recordist: Lucas Lemoine; Stylist: Félix Boehm; Stylist Assistant: Nike Carlotta Roth; Hair Artist: Shaila Moran; Make Up Artist: Marie Dufresne; Make Up Assistant: Sousan Hind; Casting Director: Chiara Angelinetta with Emile de Geyndt as PAUL /  Marine Lemonnier as RUBY / Alexandra Picquenot as MIA / Georgia Polkinghorne as LEILA / Ylang Messenguiral as SUZY / Vitaly Mysyk as ÉRIC / Daniel Pelofe as LOU /  Iannis Ctelin as YOYO; 1st Assistant Cameraman: Lola Rougier; Steadycam Operator: Valentin Clarke; Gaffer: Hugo Brossard; Grip: Guillaume Sironi; Unit Manager: Pierre Boussiquer & Oscar Fontaine; Post Production: Everest Studio; Post Producter: Sylvain Obriot; Colorist: Robin Risser.