Matière Noire [light design and scenography]
Release Man Band
object design
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For the release of Dites Safran's EP, the label Man Band entrusted Matière Noire with the creation of a limited edition object allowing to welcome a tape.
Divided between the notion of use and aestheticism, this case is materialized by the creation of a soap. It splits into an organic face suitable for daily use and a receptacle shaped by the counter form of a tape.
Translucent and murky, it is accompanied by a unique fragrance inspired by the warm rhythmics and radical textures in the image of the EP's sound atmosphere.

3070 Agency
interior architecture
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Located on the first floor of an old ‘hotel particulier’ at 58 rue Charlot, this luminous installation unifies the row of rooms in a straightforward gesture. Each line asserts itself and links to the next thanks to a perfect alignment.
In response to the need of presenting several collections of clothing with different universes, a series of clothes racks underline the architectural characteristics of each room by respecting the composition of the decorative elements. The materials are raw and timeless in order to sketch a strong and legible identity.

Thirty Loss
AV installation
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Nuit blanche 2020
Created as a reappropriation of a spectrogram, Thirty Loss is an art installation that re imagines the fonction of this tool originally used for visual representation of sound frequencies.
The space reveals itself through the principle of synesthetisia and translates the spectrogram with its intensity, level and temporality.