Matière Noire [light design and scenography]
Thirty Loss
AV installation
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Nuit blanche 2020
Created as a reappropriation of a spectrogram, Thirty Loss is an art installation that re imagines the fonction of this tool originally used for visual representation of sound frequencies.
The space reveals itself through the principle of synesthetisia and translates the spectrogram with its intensity, level and temporality.

Affix - Ploy
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AFFIX has recently entrusted Matière Noire with the creation of several installations intended to give an image to their podcasts.

The opportunity to start a field of exploration with a series of experiments inspired by the practice of each artist.

The last one invites scenic devices to dance in a synchronized way, offering a sequence between the movement of the body and mechanical actions.

Infos [+]

On an urban scale, public transport is a transitory space serving the city. Those who use them fade away and lose awareness of the places they pass through.
Like the service corridors, these non-places, which are only passages, the installation proposes a look at what we do not see, or rather at what we no longer look at, these daily journeys whose banality no longer allows us to appreciate their accuracy.