Matière Noire [light design and scenography]
light design and scenography
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scenography in collaboration with Rémy Briere.

Release Man Band
object design
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For the release of Dites Safran's EP, the label Man Band entrusted Matière Noire with the creation of a limited edition object allowing to welcome a tape.
Divided between the notion of use and aestheticism, this case is materialized by the creation of a soap. It splits into an organic face suitable for daily use and a receptacle shaped by the counter form of a tape.
Translucent and murky, it is accompanied by a unique fragrance inspired by the warm rhythmics and radical textures in the image of the EP's sound atmosphere.

3070 Agency
interior architecture
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Located on the first floor of an old ‘hotel particulier’ at 58 rue Charlot, this luminous installation unifies the row of rooms in a straightforward gesture. Each line asserts itself and links to the next thanks to a perfect alignment.
In response to the need of presenting several collections of clothing with different universes, a series of clothes racks underline the architectural characteristics of each room by respecting the composition of the decorative elements. The materials are raw and timeless in order to sketch a strong and legible identity.