Rebekka Deubner [photographer]
Squid Milk
le rayon vert . éditions
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Squid milk is a collection of fragments of Rebekka's Japanese exodus edited in resonance and recurrence of forms, characters, and motifs, drawn from the daily life that Rebekka invents for herself, as well as from musical, cinematographic, and photographic references. The edition constructs the sequencing of a silent film for which Livio Mosca composed the soundtrack. 

The soundtrack can be accessed here:

la culotte
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Rebekka studies the photogram technic through a pantie. The creation, mainly photographic, is in Rebekka's eyes a response to the disappearance, a way to remain active in front of things she has no control over, to give form to the void and make it her own. She thus explores the question of her mother's absent body and tries to make it re-emerge through her clothes, textile molts, second skins, and uninhabited forms which she inherited and whose forms she fixes here in the darkroom.

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Rebekka Deubner photographed the Dead Sea in Jordan for Chloé.