Valentin Gillet [3d artist]
"Hysteria" in collaboration with Theo Casciani
for the Louvre Museum
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3D Cinematography by Valentin Gillet.

To celebrate its 230th anniversary, The Louvre invited twenty young, contemporary, creative artists, inside its walls, to inspire them to create a short three-minute film. They created new films in the palace itself and thus reconnect with the past of the Louvre – which hosted artist studios even before it became a museum. The ninth film was conceived by novelist Théo Casciani. He has made the Caryatides Room – a central location in the history of the palais du Louvre – the space of revelation of an artificial intelligence that laments its own impending death.

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This project is a neditorial for fashion retailer LNCC. Inspired by geology, biology and computer science, it recreates a series of still and animated CGI visuals, displaying a selection of activewear garments. Now, more than ever, we expect garments to have a purpose. This is the time of performance activewear designed with purposeful beauty, and test of aspirational outdoorism, here, digitalise and manipulated by Valentin Gillet. The purpose was to piece together photorealistic landscapes. He pairs his Fractal Gorpcore visuals with sounds by Kamal El Aoufi, to provide a photorealist habitat, for the season's most covetable outdoorswear.