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Valentin Gillet [3d artist]

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3D Cinematography by Valentin Gillet.

To celebrate its 230th anniversary, The Louvre invited twenty young, contemporary, creative artists, inside its walls, to inspire them to create a short three-minute film. They created new films in the palace itself and thus reconnect with the past of the Louvre – which hosted artist studios even before it became a museum. The ninth film was conceived by novelist Théo Casciani. He has made the Caryatides Room – a central location in the history of the palais du Louvre – the space of revelation of an artificial intelligence that laments its own impending death.

LNCC editorial
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This project is an editorial for fashion retailer LNCC. Inspired by geology, biology and computer science, it recreates a series of still and animated CGI visuals, displaying a selection of activewear garments. Now, more than ever, we expect garments to have a purpose. This is the time of performance activewear designed with purposeful beauty, and test of aspirational outdoorism, here, digitalise and manipulated by Valentin Gillet. The purpose was to piece together photorealistic landscapes. He pairs his Fractal Gorpcore visuals with sounds by Kamal El Aoufi, to provide a photorealist habitat, for the season's most covetable outdoorswear.

M LE MONDE covers
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Covers for M le Monde Magazine

Visualisers for Pierre Rousseau’s Albums 'Mémoire De Forme' and 'Mode Par Défaut'.

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Gillet's personal project showed at Les Beaux Arts de Paris.

Deus Ordinator is a Latin term that refers to the invisible hand of God. The role of the digital mimetic double and its model, reality, is seemingly inverted here: a water and sand simulation encased in a mechanized wooden frame confronts a photorealistic CGI rendering of hand-drawn patterns in mud. Meanwhile in the background, the cyclic back and forth of the machine creates a hypnotic pace that can be heard throughout the exhibition space, silently echoed by a looped video of a suspended airborne thistle seed in a secluded room. Time is paused for the estranged viewer to look closer into the interstice opened by the pieces, in an attempt to uncover the inner workings at play within, and without.

Orlando by Nelson Beer music video
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Collaboration with Swiss artist Nelson Beer on his music video.

Manifesting itself as an audio-visual collage of academic and non-academic writings and research materials, inherited familial memories, and encoded information, Orlando revolves around photogrammetry, a process by which three-dimensional information can be extracted from photographs. Orlando takes 'past' moment as starting points through which to generate an image of a greater whole, thereby pondering the potential effects of the indexical present - a direct attentional focus on "the concrete, immediate here-and-now," such as the reaction to a moment of sudden death - and the afterlives of this event.

Collaboration with Swiss artist Nelson Beer. Video directed by Valentin Gillet, Nelson Beer & Guillaume Piccarreta.

Following research initiated with the hybrid video project Orlando (a past collaboration between the two artists), And The Thunder continues the visual deconstruction of the geological with software aesthetics. Through computerized fluid simulation, ATT dissociates representation from perception, surface from essence, stripping the ocean down to its turbulent kinetic flows. It representes an immensely vast three-dimensional volume by its one-dimensional opposite. The software reveals invisible motions flowing through the whole. ATT takes us through a point cloud storm, shaking us over and under the water surface in parts, but above all, within.

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Personal project showed at Les Beaux-Arts de Paris.

An exhibition about the passing of time. Upon entering, visitors were immediately enveloped in a sub-frequency soundscape, causing the wooden stairs and mezzanine to vibrate intensely, as if on the verge of collapse. The first sight was of a dimly lit space, in which a mummified corpse lay on its side. Moving to the second floor visitors were encountered a CGI video portraying a black hole, from which the sound seemed to originate. The visual and auditory elements as well as the architecture, worked together to create an immersive cinematic-like sequence.

SALOMON digital campaign
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Gillet lives and works in Paris, France. He is an artist whose work delves into metaphysical concepts such as space, time and consciousness through the use of mimetic computer generated images and life-like installations. These uncanny, offsetted clones aim to reveal the hidden architecture that structures our perception of reality by holding a deforming mirror at the viewer. Gillet has a background in applied arts and is currently a graduate student at the Beaux-Arts de Paris. His previous commissioned works include clients such as Asics, LNCC, M le Monde, Salomon, Selfridges and more.